If there were a western “Izakya”, that would be the most precise definition of Santi.
The new, exclusive place by Guy Arish and his associates, Ido Kessler, the Baraka house and Nitzan Dayan, is located at the corner of Gordon st. and Ben Yehuda st.
Santi defies conventional characterization. It is neither a restaurant, nor a wine bar, nor a gastro pub. Santi is unlike any place in Tel Aviv.
Arish explains, “The idea behind Santi is to present food that is light but of the highest quality using the finest raw materials available, precisely prepared, complemented by an outstanding selection of alcohol.” Arish adds, “We always dreamed of a small, intimate place, undefined by limits, to host guests in high style, with exacting standards of service and knowledge, but still approachable.”